DisCon III has accepted the bid filing from Winnipeg, Canada, to host the 2023 Worldcon. CanSMOF is the organization that will run the convention should the membership choose Winnipeg to host Worldcon.

As previously announced, the filing deadline for bidding for the 2023 Worldcon was February 26, 2021. We have examined Winnipeg’s filing documents and found them to be complete. Using our discretion as the administering convention, we have decided to include Winnipeg on the Site Selection ballot and to include them in any ongoing discussions with the other bidders.

The bids that filed by the deadline – Chengdu, China, and Memphis, USA – had already reached an agreement with DisCon III regarding the voting fee. Winnipeg’s bid chair, Terry Fong, acknowledged this in his filing email and accepted that agreement.

You can find Winnipeg’s filing documents, along with the other 2023 bid filings, on our 2023 Worldcon Site Selection page.

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