Manifestations of Gender

Three academic talks: Jennifer Zwahr-Castro: Author and Character Gender in the Hugos From 2001-2020, over half of Hugo winners in this category have been women. The current study is a first step in a more nuanced understanding of gender representation among nominees in the best novel category and the central characters portrayed in those works. … Continue reading Manifestations of Gender

Changing the Future of the Future

Two academic talks: Laura Osur: Alt-Histories Against Technological Determinism. For All Mankind (Apple TV+, 2019-) and Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series (2018, 2020) present alternative histories of the space race. Read in conversation with each other and as part of a global debate around ethical technology and the commercialization of space, these two properties… Continue reading Changing the Future of the Future

Sufi, Arabic, and Italian SF

Three academic talks: Emad El-Din Aysha: Sufi Science Fiction Sufism has been deployed many times in genre works, not least SF. Sufism however is lacking in Arabic and Islamic science fiction. The situation is changing as Arab SF authors, old and young, brave this fledging subgenre. The downside is commercialization and commodification of Sufism and… Continue reading Sufi, Arabic, and Italian SF

Round Table on Business Innovation

Science fiction prototyping is a promising way of thinking about future societies in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era. SF prototyping creates scenarios using workshops to activate the knowledge of multiple persons in a company, and to discuss how society should be by backcasting from a future image. We welcome distinguished researchers from… Continue reading Round Table on Business Innovation

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