New Media

How to Start a Fan Podcast

So you want to start podcasting at fellow fans. What kind of tech setup do you need? How do you build an audience? How do you develop a format? How do you network with other fan podcasters? Our panelists will share their tips for getting started.

Video Game Writing as a Discipline

For a long time, video game writing was seen as a separate discipline from, and often inferior to, more “serious” speculative media. As video game narratives become increasingly complex, and gameplay becomes more sophisticated, is it still useful to define video game writing as a separate discipline? If so, why?

Streaming Services and You

Speculative media content is increasingly offered through subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and CBS All Access. Do your subscriptions reflect your identity as a consumer and fan? What does it say if you subscribe to Britbox and Shudder versus Prime and Disney+?

Webcomic Workshop

Storyboard artist and fantasy writer Tenaya Anue walks workshop participants through the nuts and bolts of creating the characters, storylines, and images for webcomics. Appropriate for attendees of all ages and skill levels.

How Magazines Are Changing

Twenty years ago, a new age of internet magazines started rising alongside the print favorites. Now there are so many different ways to broadcast, produce, and consume short fiction. How are magazines changing to reflect that? We’ll look at how everything has changed over time, from what stories are popular to delivery methods to submissions… Continue reading How Magazines Are Changing

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