Sailing the Sea of Submissions

What is it like for marginalized or underrepresented writers to navigate submissions and rejections in short fiction? How do such writers consider editorial feedback related to voice or relatability, when it’s possible that feedback could be coming from a place of bigotry or close-mindedness rather than a reflection of their craft?

Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission

A small press manager guides participants through the general formatting and submissions guidelines for most publishers and agents. We will provide examples of dos and don’ts for manuscript submissions.

Assembling an Anthology

The speculative fiction anthology is one of the most popular and enduring forms of publishing in the industry. Crowdfunding and virtual productivity tools have democratized the form so that almost anyone can do it—but should they? How does the beginning anthologist solicit pieces, choose the best ones, and gently reject ones that don’t make the… Continue reading Assembling an Anthology

Speculative F(r)iction

Smut? In our speculative fiction? Of course! Let’s talk about what’s trendy in speculative erotica and the state of erotica publishing. What are the current awards, and who judges them? How is erotic romance different from erotica, and is the distinction useful for writers or publishers?

The Finances of Running a Small Press

How do you make a small fortune in speculative fiction publishing? Start with a large fortune! But seriously folks, how do you keep the doors open and the lights on when you’re a small press–one of many small fish in a very big sea? Is Kickstarting your publications a sustainable practice? What about subscription services?

What Do We Look for in a Fanzine?

Everyone on this panel writes fanzines. What that means has changed over the years, but they are all passionate about them. The panel will talk about what excites them, what delights them, and what makes them nominate something for a Hugo.

Decentering the U.S. in SFF Publishing

There are thriving speculative fiction publishers, magazines, writers and communities in many places outside the U.S. How do these communities position themselves relative to other SFF markets and readers? How successful are they?

The Rise of Online Markets

There was a time, long ago, when short fiction had to be published in one of the ‘big three’ magazines to get popular attention and critical acclaim. The rise of free online magazines like Clarkesworld, Uncanny, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, among many others, make markets of today a much more level playing field. We’ll talk about what’s changed… Continue reading The Rise of Online Markets

Writing to Spec

Plenty of paid writing jobs involve writing to spec—that is, writing to an assigned topic and style. From comics to licensed properties to ghostwritten novels, writing to spec can be both lucrative and frustrating. How can you find the best compromise between your artistic voice and your client’s expectations? How closely will you be expected… Continue reading Writing to Spec

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