Incorporating Genre Fiction in the Classroom

Can speculative fiction be used to teach history, science, politics, and other subjects? Outside of literature classes, there are many different ways to incorporate speculative fiction ideas to engage students in the classroom. What are the best ways to do this? What are some pitfalls?

Teaching and Analyzing Genre Fiction

Speculative fiction readers are familiar with the tropes and techniques of genre fiction. How do teachers make genre fiction more accessible to students who aren’t frequent speculative fiction readers? Experienced teachers discuss their techniques for teaching speculative literature in a classroom, and trade recommendations for convincing administrators that speculative literature should be a part of… Continue reading Teaching and Analyzing Genre Fiction


The authorities always said games would rot our brains. But these days there are tons of games and gaming techniques, both online and offline, that teach skills such as math, science, language, and critical thinking. Our panel of educators, game experts, and parents will provide input on how to navigate the gaming waters with an… Continue reading Gameschooling

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