Sound and Color: A Graphic Novel Primer

The tools of graphic novels allow writers to take strikingly different approaches to plot, tone and world-building than those using strictly prose. Our panel will explore key features of this form of storytelling, the process of working with an artist, common questions about the medium, and highlight a number of pivotal texts for newcomers.

Digital Dice: Taking Your TTRPG Online

The last year has caused droves of tabletop role-playing gamers to migrate to the internet. Moving online has brought with it a myriad of advantages—and some disadvantages. Our select group of gamers will share their best tips for running your gaming group in an online format.

Fanwork Factions

Fanfiction and other fanworks are well known for creating space for the stories that aren’t-quite-told in canon. Communities have developed their own ethical standards about how and when elements can be used from other peoples’ work, but we have also seen significant ship wars and the rise of purity culture. How are these community norms… Continue reading Fanwork Factions

Horror in Popular Music

Horror themes in popular music transcend musical genre. From heavy metal, to horrorcore hip-hop, to ghost cowboys, to the cabaret horror ballads of La Femme Pendu, horror songs cut across all demographics and time periods in a way that fantasy and science fiction songs do not. What is it about horror that lends itself to… Continue reading Horror in Popular Music

How to Start a Fan Podcast

So you want to start podcasting at fellow fans. What kind of tech setup do you need? How do you build an audience? How do you develop a format? How do you network with other fan podcasters? Our panelists will share their tips for getting started.

New TV: From Foundation to Squid Game & Beyond

The pandemic has left many of us looking for even more streaming and network shows than before. We’ll discuss the biggest hits, our favorites, and shows we wish had gone differently. From adaptations of classics to the next new hotness, anything goes!

Solarpunk: A Positive Future

Solarpunk is a movement that envisions how the future might look if humanity succeeds in solving significant modern problems, with an emphasis on climate change, pollution, and sustainability. Panelists discuss themes and plot elements unique to Solarpunk, story outcomes that work best in this genre, and real-world changes that have emerged from the Solarpunk movement.

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