Not Just D&D: Great Tabletop RPGs

Dungeons & Dragons is the 800-pound gorilla, but what are some other cool role-playing games? Panelists discuss their favorite RPGs, what sets them apart, and what is needed to play them.

The State of Machine Learning

An artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to think like a human being. How do current AIs approach questions of cognition and meaningful analysis? What are other ways that an intelligent AI might perceive and understand the world?

What to See While You’re in DC

Come to hear regional fans discuss their favorite Washington, DC, landmarks and destinations, including the lesser-known places you might otherwise miss.

Future Meat

What does the future hold for carnivorous foodways as factory farming becomes less and less sustainable and more socially unpopular? Is the future cloned meat, vat steaks, cricket burgers, or fungus-based “chicken?” Are we growing past the need to refer to products as meat substitutes? Can we trust the companies which produce them? What are… Continue reading Future Meat

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